About The Work

I'm interested in the bundles of patterns and reflexes that we call the self, unconsciously/consciously we are adding to our “identity” creating a sort of outfit/membrane around us. This membrane is continuously morphing and moving between these 2 polar states; 

State A on one end, a heavy, angry, absolute, reflexive, narrow, fearful, cynical, immature, tight membrane. Either with holes shaped to only allow more of the same through, or a flimsy over inflated membrane – fragile and heavily guarded. A state fixated with layering/dressing and preserving all the layers accumulated. (a state with an insanely good memory) 


State B on the other end, fixated on a core need to undress. Dissolve…widen…withdraw the projection of our shadow membranes onto others. A porous membrane, always allowing a two-way seep. Entertaining the idea that we have the capacity for choice…to drop the patterns and reflexes we learn, that we aren’t helpless/stuck like in state A, incapable of undressing, or static because of the fear that if we undress there will be nothing. A state with a tender membrane…kinder on both sides.

The work is about the constant pendulum between A & B, the attempt to accept that they co-exist…the attempt to spill/seep. The awareness of this membrane always alive on my skin, like TV static, and how it fills the space between me and the people/environment/objects around me in varying ways. My process is repetitive light layering, slowly making parts heavy or blurry, having the background eat into the figures and vice versa, adding and subtracting, porous stippling, leaking grids, having each layer subtly affect the look of the following one. Where it is almost impossible to isolate any single layer, they all fuse into one fuzzy form. Leaving me with pieces that have almost gone through the same processes of collection/leaks as I have.